Political Correctness is a War on Reality

Written by Richard Underhill.

Each time the latest bout of cognitive cancer permeates from the chattering classes and korporate press many on political right and even some well meaning Liberals will decry that this is ’political correctness gone mad’. In this statement alone they are tacitly agreeing with the principal of ‘political correctness’ but insisting that this time it has perhaps gone ‘too far’. But one would never hope for just a small amount of cancer but simply to be cancer free.

Why should we as free and sovereign individuals submit to this form of linguistic lobotomisation and state mandated lies? It’s not political correctness that has gone mad but those who would allow such a malignant idea to be imposed upon them. It is of course madness to accept the linguistic parlance and moral frame of people who hold you in utter contempt and seek to dominate both your thoughts and speech. Only a mad man would submit to such semantic slavery.

It’s time free our minds from their totalitarian truth regime and decolonise our minds from the enforced uttering of our oppressors. As a group may have once done this to others in the past; enforced our thoughts and the supremacy of our own ideas and ideals upon those would have rightly desired to preserve the sovereignty of their own minds. We should stand united against all forms of colonisation and imperialism both in the present and that of antiquity in order to truly liberate ourselves and our fellow men.

The intellectually lazy and terminally misinformed will often describe political correctness as simply ‘good manners’ and insist that those who resist the statist linguistic diktats simply want to call the news agents on the corner by a different name just like in the ‘good old days’. Those that push such anodyne analysis should be stepped over entirely. For this QI watching BBC Bitesize reader the process of ‘political correctness’ has been an astounding success, the Overtone Window has shrunk to the size of a postage stamp and the curtains are drawn with black out blinds in place. There is no saving a mind such as this, the process is complete allow him to live out his pitiful existence as an unknowing foot solider for the oligarchs taking the deep sleep into intellectual oblivion.

If we are to truly emancipate ourselves of this state imposed mental enslavement by way of the semantic sorcerers we must first understand what it is we are truly up against and examine just how pervasive this wretched mental poison has been in our thinking. So what is ‘political correctness’?

The Encyclopaedia Britannica, hardly a ‘conspiratorial’ source, says this of the origin of political correctness:

The term first appeared in Marxist-Leninist vocabulary following the Russian Revolution of 1917. At that time it was used to describe adherence to the policies and principles of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (that is, the party line).

Now we know its origins we should understand how political correctness affects our lives today. Political correctness infiltrates all aspects of life including individual and group psychology particularly when applied over multiple generations. Political correctness is the coercion to speak the “party line.” It is the officially accepted and allowed mode of thinking and speaking amongst conquered subjects. It is a top-down standard of behaviour forced upon society. It is a cookie cutter way of thinking and behaving dictated by a small clique that believes people are too stupid to rule their own lives and believe in the supremacy of their own ideas. The purpose of political correctness is to stifle dissent against this “enlightened” way of life and to bring everyone into rigid conformity and obedience to the states central inner party leadership. Its enforcement of collective group think is invisibly insidious and silently pervasive. As political correctness evolves ever growing obfuscations and pseudo realities must be constructed often with a new lie placed atop the old.

Problems of a society can never be solved if they can’t be successfully identified or articulated, the soft power of political correctness prevents the problems from ever being named so they can never be fixed. The state has no interest in fixing problems though only growing its own power, self importance and people’s perceived dependancy upon it. This allows and justifies for the ever growing over reach of state power and pointless institutions fixing the symptoms of a wounded society but never the cause.

Let is be known that political correctness is a European Grammar of self intolerance that we have imposed and allowed to be imposed upon us. We have perfected this grammar to such a degree that we can’t have an incorrect thought without receiving a spasm of guilt associated with it. Each time we might think of a statement of self affirmative its undermined immediately by this insidious and pervasive mind virus. It’s a war on noticing, pattern recognition, science, interpersonal relationships, inner strength, language, history, truth and the understanding of reality itself.

For I say it now comrades, the greatest enemy we have is raised in our own minds.

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