On Medical Tyranny

Written by Richard Underhill.

We arise today in Britain to find the latest tenants of the medicalised state is to enforce further discriminatory and coercive measures to procure additional specimens for the ongoing medical experiment that this nation is being subjected to. Access to pubs, clubs and restaurants is to be made subject to ones submission to medical tyranny and the sacrifice of bodily sovereignty to the false gods of ‘the science’. What access next is deemed to be off limits to the ‘unclean’ in this ongoing medical apartheid? Public transport? Supermarkets? Education? Health services?

For those granted with the ‘privilege’ or naivety to be able to blindly trust the instruments of the state this perhaps is all just part of the ‘new normal’. But for those who have suffered abuse, trauma and mistreatment at the hands of these institutions being told to ‘just take the jab’ is yet another chapter in a life filled with endless gaslighting, belittling and aloof indifference.

We see the arms of state deploying its methods of ‘persuasion’ through its sycophantic supremacist rabble in the legacy media. We see the weaponisation of guilt, shame, coercion, medical misinformation, ridiculing, gaslighting and the outright stirring up of hatred and discrimination towards the one group that this so called ‘tolerant, inclusive and diverse’ society has deemed an acceptable target; ‘the unvaccinated’.

As Nick Cohen of The Guardian recently stated ‘it’s only a matter of time before we turn on the unvaccinated’. An article in which he openly calls for the public to ‘resent’ their fellow citizens and welcomes ‘demands to punish the unvaccinated’. The ‘unclean’ were also exposed to another screed of hate from the supposed other side of the political spectrum from Kate Mulvey of The Telegraph. Ms Mulvey encouraged her readers to ‘disinvite unvaccinated friends from dinner parties’ declaring ‘if you won’t have the vaccine, you’re no friend of mine’. Of course its Ms Mulvey’s right to freely associate with whom she wishes, a ‘right’ denied to us all for the past 15 months but we can see once again the state sanctified stirring up of hate against those who for whatever reason decline this experimental procedure.

The use of coercive methods by ways of preventing essential liberties (itself a breach of informed consent) to force people to accept a potential life time of state enforced medical interventions based on the whims of some of the most corrupt corporate enterprises and institutions to have ever existed is truly abhorrent.

Merc, Pfizer, Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline all have a long history of convicted felony crimes including falsification of science, bribing doctors, defrauding regulators and killing hundreds of thousands of people and yet they continue to make billions selling their often harmful and health destroying products.

These very same corporations also are earning hundreds of billions of dollars by selling medications to treat all the emerging illnesses that have somewhat ‘coincidentally’ dramatically increased since the ongoing onslaught of their vaccination schedules.

Why should the ‘western’ supremacist allopathic medical cartels get to dictate what determines the ‘health’ of a sovereign citizen? And why should a clique of mega capitalists and technocrats that have captured practically all institutions via finance capital and ‘philanthropy’ get to determine what substances must be present within the body of a citizen in order for them to function within a supposedly free society?

We should be concerned of what will they dictate next if they can forcefully coerce an experimental medical procedure with no long term safety data that is only approved for emergency use. A medical intervention which is still in its clinical trial phase till 2023. An experimental medical procedure may I add that includes the side effect of death; with over 1440 deaths so far recorded in the U.K alone, according to the UK governments own yellow card database system. Alongside death there have been reported over 1 million adverse reactions including paralysis, stroke, blindness, thrombosis and heart failure. It’s often cited that less than 10 % of vaccine adverse reactions are reported but these numbers alone are certainly alarming for a procedure that is continually touted by the chattering classes in the legacy media as being both ‘safe and effective’.

The recently ‘unpersoned’ and socially ostracised creator of the mRNA vaccine technology, Dr Robert Malone has pointed out that in just a few months of use the mRNA vaccine has caused more deaths than all other vaccines combined over the last 30 years.

The suffering induced by these experimental procedures will find no justice as those producing and peddling such ‘treatments’ have complete immunity to any damages caused and even private medical insurance flatly refuse to cover any induced harm. The permanently injured, suffering and mourning have no compensation, no voice and now no platform to express the horrors of their medical maltreatment due to ongoing persecution by big tech censorship. Is this to be the horrifying price of admission to allow a citizen access to essential goods and services?

At the moment this seems like the steepest of costs for the ‘privilege’ of drinking an over priced luke warm watered down pint. Unfortunately, the state will likely have to engage in much further hostile discrimination, tyranny and violence against those who refuse to bend the knee to the cult of ‘the $cience’ and the totalitarian supremacist death cult in its pursuit of ‘progress’.

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