The Great Regret

Written by Samurai Robots.

It turns out that there’s one thing that black people aren’t very good at taking and that’s jokes. Following the Euros final on Sunday, which seems to have left everyone except actual English nationalists and Italians feeling miserable, a right-wing comedian (is there any other kind?) called Andrew Lawrence has had a string of comedy dates cancelled after some “racist” tweets. Andrew merely pointed out that “the White guys scored”, which, in his defence, is true. Still, I’m not really sure what he expected.

Hit and miss jokes

Own Goal

A lot has already been said about Southgate’s choice to have three non-Whites take the final three penalties and my gut feeling is that the “goal”, as it were, was probably to have diversity win the day, an ideological play by the powers that be that ultimately back-fired hilariously. Now, I do not endorse online abuse directed at innocent sports-ballers, hooliganism, rudeness, or indeed football itself, which is basically little more than an increasingly ragged plaster on the festering wound that is modern society. That said, I do have a question, namely: if the White players had muffed their penalties and a non-White comedian had tweeted about it, do you think the woke, cry-bully mob would have hunted them down in a similar manner?

Conversely, if our black friends had scored, would we have had “DIVERSITY WINS IT FOR ENGLAND” forcibly rammed in and out of our every orifice, forever? I put it to you that, yes, we would. The cramming and crowing would have been both dreadful and eternal. Before the match, there was even a petition on Change dot org asking Sadiq Khan to rename the English capital “Sterlingrad” in the event of a three lions’ victory. Better luck next time fellas, it appears London isn’t going to fall just yet.

Beyond the pale

David Kurten, whom lib-tards seem to forget is also black, was one of the few who spoke out on Twitter in defence of Lawrence’s vile tweets, saying:

Unlike dull-as-ditchwater ‘woke comedians‘, he is actually funny and in touch with the world outside the self-righteous bubble of illiberal ‘progressive‘ totalitarians. He should not be cancelled.

David is what we used to refer to as a “normal bloke”. I can’t help but like him. Sorry, not sorry. It’s a strange concept nowadays, but you really don’t need to shit your pants and cry every time someone says something you don’t like.

Putting the boot in

Paying the penalty

From the mid-wit mouth-breathers who were so upset about the online abuse of black people, David’s principled stance prompted – you’d never have guessed this – a torrent of online abuse. Some of the replies to Mr Kurten even suggested that Lawrence was guilty of “inciting racial hatred” – if that is the case, then you don’t have to look far to see far worse examples on Twitter, only directed at Whites and thus presumably acceptable.

One day, and I suspect it’s probably not that far off, the whistle will blow, the teams will switch sides, and those who are now so eager to punish others for supposed wrong-think may find themselves on the uncomfortable end of a cancellation campaign, or worse. The more these jumped-up would-be dictators rant and rave and shut down edgy but harmless banter, the more people start to realise that something is amiss. The more people realise that something is amiss, the more people end up huddled together in the so-called darker corners of the Internet, where free speech is allowed, and comedy is not cause for incarceration. What happens then I wonder? I shall leave it to you to ponder.

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