Nature vs The Cabal

Written by Dystopia Now!

The more I discover about the world, the more I realise the extent of the lie we were told many years ago and are still frequently being told. For example, the universe is electric (see Thunderbolts Project) but we were told that stars were just balls of nuclear energy and nothing else – for the same reason Nikola Tesla’s discoveries were rejected by the powers that run society into the ground. We were misled for the same reason there are over 500 patents for inventions that are being suppressed by the same special interests – they don’t want innovation or efficiency and they don’t want to change this paradigm at all. Efficacious miracle Medicine like GcMaf had to be shut down with the media smearing it erroneously as a dangerous experimental drug and those doctors efforts who were using it to cure (not treat) a myriad of serious life threatening conditions, disregarded. The average pleb doesn’t have a clue about any of this because the media they ‘trust‘ told them it wasn’t worth paying attention to – and so they don’t.


The global Government only wants sustainability for this broken system of neofeudal serfdom – it doesn’t want sustainability of resources, that is why ‘sustainable development‘ is the biggest misnomer out there. The so-called Environmentalists who enthusiastically champion facemasks and plastic screens being absolutely everywhere, don’t give a crap about the Environment. They don’t care the world was being sprayed with biocide which the idiots referred to as ‘hand sanitizer‘. They don’t care that plastic production has increased ten fold with the imposition of masks and the mandating of social distancing measures. Plastic microbeads have been found to accumulate in the tissues of animals at all stages of the pelagic food-chain and are virtually ignored by activists; pharmaceutical drugs contaminate rivers and waterways adjusting the hormones and changing the sex of fish and amphibians etc. (See Alex Jones ‘They’re turning the frogs gay‘)

We have supremely messed up this planet because we only paid attention to those who claimed to speak on behalf of the planet. This has always been our failing as a species. Just because someone is being the loudest and most prominent voice echoed across the media doesn’t mean they are the most useful – in fact in this paradigm it means they are the most useless and the biggest decoy. That is how the world works.

We listen to the voice of consensus rather than the lone wolf. We trust the armies of Mordor over Frodo.

All the so called Environmentalists ever drone on about is climate change and mans influence on the planet (which is so minimal that its barely a factor). China pollutes 20 times more than everywhere else on the planet but volcanoes probably release more co2 in one eruption than their entire country in a year. Termites release 10 times as much co2 as mankind but there isn’t any termite tax on the horizon, I notice. Human activity contributes to like 1% to the carbon dioxide total (don’t quote these numbers) – and besides co2 ISN’T a poison. It isn’t a toxic substance and we have merely been misled again ALL our lifetimes. Twas ever thus.

We are carbon based lifeforms; that they have convinced us that we are toxic to the environment just by being alive, has been the lifelong ambition of every eugenicist/depopulator/billionaire. So many believe we deserve to die because they think far from being part of the problem, we are THE problem – even though we have never been. The carbon lie is just that, a lie, instigated from the Eugenicist Club of Rome and implemented by the UN and all the NGO’s that have contaminated every country and Government in this wasteland we find ourselves in. The future carbon goals require genocide in order to reach them – because we are carbon based lifeforms. It should never have gotten this far, but we didn’t correct the known errors or make any effort to root out the known corruption at the time – and so we are about to learn once again that ignoring something doesn’t make it go away.

Doubling Down

It’s similar to how the democrats kept trying to impeach Trump and set him up with false investigations, and when it was found to be fraudulent and criminal – nothing was done, nobody was punished and so nothing changed (because from their perspective it didn’t have to change).

If you don’t correct the problem, the problem won’t ever be corrected and it will keep getting worse. This is basic common sense, which is something we all seem to have forgotten.

We have been intentionally misled all our lives with the information that has been given to us about the natural world. Medicine became a chemical monopoly when John D Rockefeller bought it up, whilst all the plant based medical knowledge was destroyed.

We haven’t had a system of healthcare or medicine, and the so called medical profession has always worked based on procedure and consensus – not worked at all. None of those prescribed drugs are safe or effective and yet that is all we are told they are (our body hasn’t evolved to assimilate foreign synthetic chemicals). Our entire world has been a lie from day one. It turns out that poisonous things are safe and safe things are poisonous but it can be virtually impossible to discover truth in the morass of mendacity.


For example we have been told that Yew-tree berries are highly poisonous – and it turns out it’s just not true. The official information on all the woodland trust websites state very clearly that ‘ALL PARTS OF THE YEW TREE ARE HIGHLY POISONOUS‘ but YouTube is littered with videos of forager types actually eating the berries saying how delicious they are and spitting out the seeds – as well as comment sections with people detailing how they used to always pick the berries and eat them when they were younger and never once got sick. In fact I imagine these people rarely get sick, if the superfood claim holds.

Modern research is showing those little red fleshy berries to be some of the most nutritious superfoods in the country and even thought to be a cancer cure. Why am I not surprised? At this point I feel so betrayed by every aspect of the establishment that I bet we were lied to about cutting your own wrists as well – that probably cures cancer and AIDS, and bleeding to death is merely a conspiracy theory. I was told I should eat 5 pieces of fruit per day – I’m glad I didn’t.

How do I know what’s real and what’s not any more? If a factchecker says it’s false, then it’s true. If the factchecker says it’s true then it’s 100% false. Regular people can’t easily navigate this maze, but I have found you can achieve a lot by basically doing the total opposite of what the matrix advises. I am no longer going to trust anything I was taught about medicine, about science, or about nature. I am starting again and assuming that those striking colour ‘highly poisonous‘ toadstools are some kind of miracle medicine too. In fact I am going to assume that poisonous things have dull understated colours.

The most toxic plants in the world have very dull colours not striking ones. Hogweed, hemlock, belladonna, Datura, euphorbia – all understated and safe innocuous looking plants – yet all are extremely toxic, to the point you can endure third degree burns from the sap. Some plants are extremely deadly, but they were not the ones we were told about – maybe we were lied to about bright colours. Maybe it isn’t so much of a warning sign that something is toxic as much as that something is a superfood? Maybe David Attenborough has been telling porky pies for a long time, not just about climate change or walruses?

Am I advising people to go round nibbling poisonous berries and toadstools? No but I am advising people to ignore official information about what is toxic or not, right through the printed books and established science. We need to start again with our world because it has been fake all along and maybe this time we could actually … build back better (cringe).

Powers That Shouldn’t Be

We were lied to about narcotics too, we were told that cannabis wasn’t nutritious or medicinal, and that hallucinogens were addictive – both totally untrue. If anything hallucinogenic drugs are ‘anti-addictive‘ but when have facts ever got in the way of scaremongering? Now it turns out that those ‘evil drugs‘ like magic mushrooms make the best anti-depressants and anxiety cures that can cure lifelong depression with a single ‘trip‘.

The so called experts have been lying about everything because the paradigm which the powers that be wanted to lock us into is this one of non functional medicine, food that poisons you bit by bit, education that dumbs down the already stupid masses, and an economy that steals all your money and robs you of your livelihood. Everything does the opposite of what it purports to do – and breaking through generations of brainwashing and conditioning isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do – but definitely the most vital! Anyone up for a reset?

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