It’s Just a Vaccine Passport

Written by Richard Underhill, photos by Xander Merricks.

Milton Friedman once said “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.” This might seem like a quippy antigovernment libertarian aphorism but let us assess its validity. From observation of the historical record it would seem that along with many other things Friedman was infact correct. For instance Britain’s income tax was brought in as a ‘temporary measure’ to help fight the war against Napoleon and it is still with us today. Bismark introduced a tax on champagne corks to fund the Baltic fleet and while that fleet is now at the bottom of the ocean the tax still remains.

Aldous Huxley said that unlike the tyranny of men and politics, a ‘scientific‘ tyranny has no natural end. It will never end.

Once the VaxPass is in place it will be practically impossible to reverse. No amount of protest will undo it especially as the proposed ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021’ in the United Kingdom essentially outlaws protest if it’s considered to be ‘disruptive’ by the state. A protest to even attempt to effectively reverse such a measure will certainly have to encroach into the realm of ‘disruptive’.

After its introduction as an apparent ‘temporary measure’ it will permanently be used to regulate access to all goods and services. Food, money, medical treatment, work, education and transport will all be subject to your ongoing compliance with the latest government diktats.

Even ‘if’ we are to assume our current regime is entirely benign and have the populations health and wellbeing as a top priority what will stop its authoritarian use if a true tyrant were to seize power? In a system of centralised faceless technocratic control what prevents institutional capture from subversive ideologues, parasitic international finance capital or predatory multinational corporations? Many would argue we are already in this position and would say those allowing the implementation of such measures through their ignorance, cowardice and naivety are dragging the rest of us into the eternal abyss.

While many would have been happy to get this latest round of Pharma and are at this moment considered ‘Fully Vaccinated’. What the ‘fully vaxxed’ may not have consider is that ‘Fully Vaccinated’ is actually a temporal status which upon a new ‘Pharma Firmware Update’ becoming available will immediately render them to ‘Under Vaccinated’ status. The ‘privileges’ granted by the state (previously known as freedoms) upon becoming ‘Under Vaccinated’ will be revoked placing them in the same lowly social category as the ‘Unvaccinated’.

The VaxPass app will ping and give instructions for your next appointment;

Dear Mr Underhill. Please come to the ECC Vaccination Centre on Saturday 24th July to receive your latest Covid-22 booster shot provided by AstraZenica. We noticed that your son and daughter are both behind on their vaccination schedule so please bring them along to receive the necessary treatments. Failure to do so will result in your current range of privileges being limited.

After some quick searching online you notice that these booster ‘vaccinations’ have entirely skipped all trial phases due to them being declared ’similar enough’ to the original ‘vaccine’. You are also not entirely happy about being assigned the AstraZenica this time as you always considered yourself a ‘PfizerBoi’. The app however using its patented ‘Google Health System’ mandated the use of this product assuring you it best suits your current health profile.

You notice that Google is directly invested in the AstraZeneca vaccine and believe this to be a direct conflict of interest rather than being about your own health. You decide to send a text message to your unvaccinated ‘conspiracy theorist’ friend who had warned you about this but your message is blocked for promoting ‘dangerous health disinformation’.

The 24th of July looms closer, you wish you had listened to his ‘crazy ramblings’ and the article he wrote outlining this very situation. Especially as you have been hearing about terrible adverse reactions from the ‘Microsoft KiddiVax’ products that is being completely ignored in the corporate controlled press. You know it’s not right but you weight up the prospect of not being able to shop for food, work or send your children to school and reluctantly press ‘accept’.

Ceding to the state the authority to decide what goes into our bodies surely cedes to the state the authority to determine everything else we do with those bodies.

Why shouldn’t the agents of the state who “know best” also decide where each citizen is allowed to live, what he is allowed to own, what he’s allowed to eat, whom he is allowed to see or what he is allowed to think.

Let’s not forget that the state who “know best” also ‘accidentally’ got the food pyramid the wrong way round for the past 70 years. The idea of being coerced into a specific diet for the so called ‘greater good’ or to ‘save the NHS’ while you are in the full knowledge it’s the complete opposite of what you should be eating is truly one of the most misery inducing and enraging situation to find yourself in. Especially when questioning the state mandated ‘carbo neutra-slop’ is considered ‘hate speech’ or ‘dangerous misinformation’ by the ‘experts’ and the totalitarian truth regime.

The entire human race is currently at an inflection point where we must make the decision between the struggle for freedom or submission to slavery. It won’t be your own enslavement you will be ushering in but that of all future generations who will curse your ignorance, compliance and utter cowardice forever.

You cannot comply your way out of tyranny.

It’s time to get off your knees.

It’s time to stand up.

It’s time to just say no.

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