Don’t Speak!

Written by Dystopia Now!

I had an encounter recently with someone over email whom I watch on Youtube and someone who is … nothing to do with politics but can from time to time reduce me to fits of hysterical laughter – unlike most of the ‘politics people‘. So I consider this person (like the gamer in an old article) valuable in some way. The last video they posted was explaining why they hadn’t posted any videos and explaining that they had the vaccine and then caught COVID and magically suffered worse than they ever had – (it worked then?) so far so predictable, my efforts to stop them from getting the vaccine had failed spectacularly and now my efforts to inform them that 2 + 2 = 4 was also floundering.

I can’t believe how much I am failing to convince people that the poison shot that they took which made them horrendously ill, was the thing that made them horrendously ill. These people would be convinced it was a conspiracy theory that you can get wet when turning on the tap if the media said so. Yet all of the official messaging makes no sense and shamelessly contradicts itself. We are told that the vaccine is safe but can kill you – like we are told that incredibly common blood clots are extremely rare. We live in Orwell’s double-speak land where statements are openly contradictory and nobody asks a single question about them. If you contradict the contradictory media, you’re the bad one. Biden can continue drooling and making gradiose proclamations that you can’t get COVID if you’ve had the vaccine (contradicting all the statistics). The Government can get away with saying people who had the placebo will count as people who had the vaccine – because it’s never been about controlling a virus, it’s always been about controlling you – I know that’s starting to sound somewhat cliche but it doesn’t make it any less true.

They don’t care if their narrative makes sense any more because they know only a handful are following because only a handful are capable of following. The average person, for example, believes that Assad in Syria is a bad man who gases children even though that OPCW false flag was exposed and debunked (but still not as bad as orange man). They don’t actually know anything so being born again into the world of the truth is the hardest thing to go through.

I can’t believe I am being insulted for merely sending a handful of memes designed to get the old noggin joggin’ and to make you think about the inherent contradictions in the system (which are starting to pile up). If you break through all that conditioning then you will unwittingly trigger an epic tantrum, it just seems to be the way that cognitive dissonance works. They will insult you, lash out, strawman whatever – and you will be made the feel like the bad one. I already wrote an article called ‘I’m a bad person‘ – I know already, thank you.

Does it mean anything to these people that the Government has admitted using psychological warfare (coercion) on the public and that lockdown has universally caused far more death and destruction than predicted, worldwide? People aren’t discussing Nuremberg trials for the fun of it. They don’t want to believe something is true for the sake of it, when they find evidence they just shy away from it – and very often have their lives and careers destroyed because of it. It isn’t a conspiracy theory to point to overt conflicts of interest. I didn’t make up that Facebook blocked me for sending a GOV.UK link. The world is scrambling to shut down any loose end and restrict free speech, which has become unpopular thanks to doxers and death threatters, but also because of snowflake society and culture wars etc. We were supposed to protect it, and indeed were charged with protecting it – but we failed.

Lockdown doesn’t work, unless the goal is damaging entire generations neurologically.

What about the virologists and microbiologists speaking out about spike protein damage and the sheer numbers of the VAERS system and yellow card scheme? What about Dr Mike Yeadon former Pfizer CEO saying nothing they have proposed works and everything has more detrimental effects than positive? Ventilators, sanitizer, swabs, masks, social distancing anyone? Name something that works!
If they don’t want to wake up and realise they were lied to by the government, big pharma and the media then they can keep imagining these entities want to help them. They don’t. It really is as simple as ‘avoid the shot if you want to live‘, and if you trust the system and wish to sacrifice yourself to it to prove how wrong i am – be my guest.

The problem is I am trying to help them and they don’t believe me so they don’t ever look any further into what I am sending. If they do then they look at nothing beyond the matrix of officialdom and factchecker fraud, that I debunk each day for breakfast. I can’t believe so many people are so stupid that they would become obedient to this obviously tyrannical system, if you only did the slightest bit of research beyond the mainstream media talking points, you would discover there is a whole world out there and it is frantically and desperately fighting for it’s survival as well as it’s freedom. That would force you to confront the new reality that you are a blank slate and you know nothing to be of any use in this new world, so it’s much easier to bury your head and pretend the old one was good enough. The world didn’t work, democracy was a lie, justice didn’t exist, science was a lie, education was a lie etc. I could go on – we all know we have been deceived by Masonic subversion for starters and of course it has permeated the culture affecting future generations. We seem to be content with a system that doesn’t ever need to be held to account, and so it never is. It doesn’t need to change course from the crimes it is committing and so it never does, it doubles down and we carry on ignoring the crimes, as they pile high along with the whistleblowers and scandals – who cares, it’s just a bunch of crazy right wing extremists and conspiracy theorists. When a society has forgotten what moral means it doesn’t care about immoral.

I tried to save you. Sorry If you felt I was being brusk or harsh. You refused to wake up. Consensus is the key to this agenda AND never mind actual science or details of corruption, fascism or censorship from Big Tech, W.H.O or any of that stuff. You’ll find each time you get a jab you will suffer because the jab contains MRNA which mutates your DNA, and those mutations create variants. Hence why variants are detected in the vaxxed (even though GSK man Vallance is saying he made a mistake and meant the unvaxxed) – it also contains graphene oxide which is a toxic substance that is known to cause blood clots – famously one of the ‘classic‘ side effects.

You told me not to have children. The truth is, and I am truly sorry to say this but you’ll both be lucky if you physically can. The spike protein sequesters in the ovaries and the testes. It will cause sterilisation of our species, and the process has already started. What fun. If you think depopulation is necessary then I guess it’s not a problem. I don’t tell you this because I want to – I happen to not want any of this to be true. I wouldn’t throw away my ‘reputation’ trying to save ungrateful people if I didn’t care about them. I don’t give a damn about politics, this is about survival!

I have been conflicted during COVID because I previously worked on the principal that people should be able to make their own choices – but now that they are brainwashed automatons murdering their kids because they believe that a toxin is a serum – they are not making their own choices. They wouldn’t willingly give an experimental toxin to their kids regardless of whether they previously took it, and it is precisely because the information is denied them that they do this.

If the Government and media told people about Ivermectin there would never have been a need for a SINGLE jab! There never has been any need of course, the vaccines are not efficacious (unlike ivermectin) but they are cytotoxic and will continue to create blood clots and permanently damage internal organs for years to come. Rather than admit they were lied to, they will enthusiastically virtue signal the consensus that the unvaccinated are to blame for everything. The media will feed them every step of the way.

They are blaming the unvaccinated because it achieves the unified global goal of removing the trouble makers. The Elite need to remove those who could bring down their house of cards. Scapegoating the unvaccinated has become a talking-point around the world ; this is the opportunity to remove the very thorn that has been in the Governments side all these years. Then they came for the conspiracy theorists … Are you going to speak out?

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