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“A writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is ‘merely relative,’ is asking you not to believe him. So don’t.”

Roger Scruton

What is the bimbo uprising?

Written by UNWAShED. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s Third Law Shortly after starting my channel, one of my earliest subscribers reached out to recommend me a book called The Rational Male. Fresh out of a divorce, a run through the basics of red-pilled PUA intersexual dynamics was no bad […]

The Great Distraction

Written by Dystopia Now! Ideological debates are pointless and futile because they cannot be won. They simply distract people from being able to save each others lives at a critical time in our history. People can spend forever going back and forth arguing about the merits of various ideologies – liberalism, communism, fascism, libertarianism, national […]

Right Full Of Mutants

Written by UNWAShED. Edward Dutton & Michael Woodly define spiteful mutations as “any thought process that leads to a group’s sub-replacement fertility“. The theory is generally applied to ideologies such as atheism, liberalism, antinatalism, feminism, nihilism, LGBT, asexuality and multiculturalism. But there exists an ideology more dysgenic and self-immolating than any of the woke thought […]

Chosen Ones

Written by Dystopia Now! We have all had a certain amount of time to learn to hate lockdown but for some reason we haven’t all learned to distrust the ‘vaccine‘ rollout – despite the mass disease and death. How do we get people over that wall without destroying their entire minds? I have wondered this […]

What a stupid cult!

Written by Dystopia Now! Patriotic Alternative have only been around since late 2019 and have already acquired the kind of reputation where they’ve had to reorientate themselves to fit the ever-changing landscape. I would say political landscape but since they aren’t an actual political party and are unable to be registered as one, that wouldn’t […]


Written by x m. I wrote an article earlier this week for VILE, ostensibly for the UNWAShED Daily Show, or just as a collection of ideas for anyone willing to consider it. I have tried in the past to temper my language, and overall tone of my work. The last week I watched fewer streams, […]

Am I a Nationalist? No, I’m an Englishman.

Written by UNWAShED. I’ve never fallen for labels before. When I fell in love with punk rock, it never made me want to spike my hair in a mohawk and wear studded sweatbands. I’ve always loved the guitar work of Dimebag Darrell whilst maintaing that metalheads, without exception, look ridiculous. Not once have I ever […]


Written by x m. What the fuck is it with Americans and their fetishstic obsession with Europe, Britain, how we run our countries; or bemoaning the fact they left the Homeland, not the otherway around. I am not a White man. I am a fair-skinned Englishman, an Angle if you will, and all this White, […]

The New Crackpots!

Written by Dystopia Now! The world is inverted and the ones who seemed to be mad before are the only ones making sense. Just imagine, it used to seem silly when someone screamed REPENT in the streets once upon a time. The idea of who is mad has changed. The new crackpots are the ones […]

Authoritarianism Won’t Work!

Written by Dystopia Now! History has shown time and time again that authoritarians can’t be trusted. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, there doesn’t seem to be a get-out-clause – a caveat that says ‘unless XYZ‘. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is basically a fundamental law of the Universe (which I know don’t […]


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