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“A writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is ‘merely relative,’ is asking you not to believe him. So don’t.”

Roger Scruton

Just Deserts: Speed-Running to Sharia in Kabul

Written by Samurai Robots. Anger Just yesterday, I saw an angry feminist on the BBC – “No!” you may scoff, but it’s true – who was upset that the Taliban have all but taken over Afghanistan following the flight of the occupying US forces. While it is of course more than likely that Afghan women […]

Don’t Speak!

Written by Dystopia Now! I had an encounter recently with someone over email whom I watch on Youtube and someone who is … nothing to do with politics but can from time to time reduce me to fits of hysterical laughter – unlike most of the ‘politics people‘. So I consider this person (like the […]

It’s Just a Vaccine Passport

Written by Richard Underhill, photos by Xander Merricks. Milton Friedman once said “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.” This might seem like a quippy antigovernment libertarian aphorism but let us assess its validity. From observation of the historical record it would seem that along with many other things Friedman was infact correct. […]

Nature vs The Cabal

Written by Dystopia Now! The more I discover about the world, the more I realise the extent of the lie we were told many years ago and are still frequently being told. For example, the universe is electric (see Thunderbolts Project) but we were told that stars were just balls of nuclear energy and nothing […]

The Myth of the Asymptomatic Spreader and Other Tall Tales

Written by Richard Underhill. I’ve always considered myself a connoisseur of myths, legends and tall tales, be it the Homeric epics, the Nordic Eddas or Grimm’s Fairly Tales. Such tales of fantasy and legend have captivated me ever since I was a boy; from bed time stories at night to studying the polytheistic heathen mythologies […]

The Great Regret

Written by Samurai Robots. It turns out that there’s one thing that black people aren’t very good at taking and that’s jokes. Following the Euros final on Sunday, which seems to have left everyone except actual English nationalists and Italians feeling miserable, a right-wing comedian (is there any other kind?) called Andrew Lawrence has had […]

On Medical Tyranny

Written by Richard Underhill. We arise today in Britain to find the latest tenants of the medicalised state is to enforce further discriminatory and coercive measures to procure additional specimens for the ongoing medical experiment that this nation is being subjected to. Access to pubs, clubs and restaurants is to be made subject to ones […]

Political Correctness is a War on Reality

Written by Richard Underhill. Each time the latest bout of cognitive cancer permeates from the chattering classes and korporate press many on political right and even some well meaning Liberals will decry that this is ’political correctness gone mad’. In this statement alone they are tacitly agreeing with the principal of ‘political correctness’ but insisting […]

A response to Marina Hyde

Written by Richard Underhill. A response to Marina Hyde’s Guardian opinion piece – ‘As the US descends into chaos, what better time for Britain to go the same way?’ Once again our reactionary over socialised comrades over at The Guardian have served up another stagnant and regressive assessment of the current political landscape. The anodyne […]

Matt Hancock’s Excruciating Adventure

Written by Samurai Robots. The Sun newspaper reported this week that our “fucking hopeless” Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has been cheating on his wife by having a secret affair with his closest aide, Gina Something-or-other. Hancock was caught on CCTV in a passionate clinch with the 43-year-old lobbyist and millionaire, whom he hired last year […]


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