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“A writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is ‘merely relative,’ is asking you not to believe him. So don’t.”

Roger Scruton

Bizarre New Normal

Written by Dystopia Now! People are used to being asked to do what they wouldn’t normally do – so you can easily exploit them or mug them and get away without even having your face recorded. Compliance is a mental condition and one which the brainwashed zombies don’t even know they suffer from. It’s bad […]

Hot Potato

Written by Samurai Robots. Five weeks into Joe Biden’s presidency, you may have been as surprised as I was to come across an entirely separate vegetable-related controversy in the news. Toy company Hasbro (whose name itself reeks of patriarchy) announced that their iconic toy, Mr Potato Head, would henceforth be known simply as “Potato Head” […]

Feminem Loses the Rap Game

Written by Dystopia Now! Celebrities are loathsome and everybody knows it. They are narcisstic parasites who basically became famous for how much blood they sucked from everyone. They were kept in cages like prisoners and then let out like performing monkeys to still pretend to be kids again but really held hostage by the label […]

A Cultural Solution For The Demographic Decline

Written by Cathugger. I think we all know that without a lot of work we will never go back to the 1900s with many children per household, or even to the 1950s with 2 of them. With a taste of reproductive control women will never go back to just being constantly pregnant. And more than […]

Here’s one statue that English people should tear down

Written by Donald Deadman. John Bull’s favourite shit-rag, the Daily Mail, is still calling for Bojo the Clown to commission a lasting memorial to the only white hero English people are allowed to have. I’m talking, of course, about Captain Tom – the decrepit centenarian who hobbled into our hearts with a row of freshly […]

Freedom of Speech

Written by Cathugger. Earlier this month when Hungary banned its last leftist media station, my first reaction was glee, my second was “wait it isn’t right to ban all of your opposition” and then I remembered that in the west it is actually worse. Not only do we not have any opposing media station, even […]

Rage Against The Vaccine

Written by Dystopia Now! Vaccines are ‘safe and effective‘ even though they are killing people and not protecting them. The media loves you to say that ‘conspiracies‘ are too simplistic – that must be why David Icke writes books as thick as a breeze block. Just what is it about the endless descriptions of obsessive […]

The Plan for World Domination

Written by Dystopia Now! People dismissively refer to shady cabals plotting in secret, and frame the idea as either anti-Semitic or ridiculous – despite that being the objective reality throughout history. After the First World War, the League of Nations was set up publicly as the first step to Global Government; but privately, the Council […]

Right on Q

Written by Dystopia Now! Q is definitely a deep state psyop, because some Youtuber who had never heard of it before just said it was. They all feel the same compulsion to virtue signal about how disgusting Q supporters are – and proudly proclaim that they know exactly what it is because somebody told them […]

The Anonymity Thing

Written by UNWAShED. Boy, am I sure glad to have dropped out of the UK Groyper movement when I did. I was invited on the very first Thursday Groyp raid run by Patriotic Talk, and immediately knew I had to back out if I wanted any kind of long term future in this game. A […]


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